The Hash Data tool is the product of years in development, with new features being added constantly as our client's needs change. We provide the most complete and accurate data in the industry, with our tool developed to cater to the most complex transactions our institutional clients can throw at us!
Data normalization   &   Completeness checks
Data Normalization & Completeness Checks

The Hash Data tool automatically normalizes data across all your data providers. This means you can look at spot trades, DeFi transactions or even futures and won't have to worry about different tickers, data formats or labels.

The tool also performs an automated roll to identify any data that may have been missed due to changes in exchange API's or different treatments of transactions between blockchains and DeFi protocols. This ensures the data you receive is as accurate as possible to support your balances.

Automated tagging
Automated Tagging

The digital asset industry has no recognized data standards, resulting in a huge differences in how different exchanges, blockchains and protocols classify data. This makes it incredibly tough for anyone interacting across multiple ecosystems to pull together consistent data themselves, when a "Transfer" for one exchange is called a "Trade" on another.

The Hash Data tool solves this by automatically tagging all your transactions with consistent language across our supported exchanges and blockchains, so your team can tell the difference between "trades", "swaps" and "transfers"

AICPA  SOC 1  Compliant
AICPA SOC 1 Compliant

The Hash Data tool is inspected and certified under a SOC 1 audit performed by an independent auditor. This means all our controls including automated rolls, normalization, tagging, pricing, change management, encryption and security have been tested and verified by an independent third party.

Our clients demand the highest quality of data with the most reliable software available to meet their needs. That's why we've spent the time to ensure you have the independent support you need to be confident in choosing Hash Data as your data partner.

Secure   &   Scalable
Secure & Scalable

The Hash Data tool has been built with security and scalability in mind from day one. This means that you can rest assured that we can handle large data queries as we have worked with market makers and high frequency trading firms. The Hash Data tool also undergoes an annual penetration test to ensure your data is stored securely and no users or developers can access your data.

Active positions & Cross Chain
Active Positions & Cross Chain

Get an accurate view of which positions are held in your portfolio at any given time, along with tracing off-chain transactions to know when capital has left your ecosystem. With more features added regularly, the Hash Data tool will be your tool for tracking positions across the digital assets space.

For more complex requirements over active positions, such as point-in-time LP balances and unclaimed reward analysis, our consulting team can save you time by utilizing our data to deliver bespoke information tailored to your needs.


The Hash Data tool has partnered with Digital Asset Research ("DAR") to provide institutional-grade pricing to accompany each trade on centralized exchanges. With crypto-to-crypto trades, it can be hard converting trades back to USD or another fiat pair. Our tool automatically pulls USD pricing for all trades on centralized exchanges and populates it in our normalized data.


For anything requiring more personalized support, or where your team is working through a unique situation and looking for some assistance, our seasoned Consulting team can assist with your problems, including:

  • Pulling data from blockchains or protocols not supported by the tool.
  • Pulling specific smart contract data required for accounting or other purposes.
  • Training your staff on digital assets or specific topics they find challenging.
  • Principle Market calculations for specific assets.
  • Risk assessments over specific exchanges, custodians or protocols.